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General Information

Woven labels are the most common solution for branding in the clothing industry. They are widely used on purses, luggage, rugs, towels, promotional items, bedding etc., too. Such labels are widely chosen since they are pretty economical. Woven labels are very durable and launders better in the long run compared to printed labels. One of our core competencies is the preparing of advanced weaving matrix and the production of highly complicated tailor-made woven labels. Besides, our woven labels are certified with OEKO-TEX®.

Quick Facts on Ordering

  • Fast Turnaround: Total lead time is about 8-10 days; consisting 1 week for production plus shipping.
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 500 pieces.
  • Free Digital Proof is included with every order for your highest satisfaction (for more information scroll down to “Design”).

Techniques and Materials

Woven labels are made using rapier weaving looms. These looms weave polyester yarns called warp and weft re-creating the desired artwork according to the weaving matrix. We are able to produce woven labels with different techniques and materials. These includes polyester damask labels, tafetta labels, raw cotton labels, and satin. We would be happy to assist you in choosing  the best product for your application and desired requirements. Whatever you choose, we guarantee you the highest level of satisfaction. Choose below for more information on each option:

The most common type of woven labels are polyester damask. Damask is made up of polyester yarn, which comes in hundreds of colors, making color matching with your desired artwork an easy job for us. Weft resolution is the most important factor for the defining of the fine details of the artwork with precision. For artworks with higher resolution we mainly use 85 weft resolution. Furthermore, it is possible to use yarns with 30-100 denier (size of the thread). This is another factor for the defining the resolution. The smaller the denier is the better is the resolution of the artwork.
Woven taffeta labels are made of a polyester based plain woven thread. These basic labels are chosen to keep the costs down in the applications where highest quality is not very critical. If they are cut by thermic (heat) cutting, they tend to be scratchy when in contact with the skin. Therefore, we don’t suggest them for use as a garment neck tag. More or less they are suitable for applications on outerwear or accessories since they are extremely durable.
Woven labels weaved with raw cotton yarns are very soft. It is possible to use 100 % organic cotton yarns in the production. We are able to use different weaving techniques in weaving with cotton yarns. Such labels are widely chosen by our customers who produces children or underwear garments and/or all organic products. Furthermore, we can also combine raw cotton and polyester yarns in custom applications.
We have numerous colors of Lurex yarn you can choose from. Many customers rely on the conventional silver and gold Lurex yarn. Such yarns gives your label a shinny touch.
Satin Woven labels use a polyester based lustrous thread which is soft and smooth. They give a nice look as it has a subtle sheen. Good quality results can be produced using a single needle or broadloom set-up. Satin labels are cut with an ultrasonic cutter for smooth edges and so they do not scratch when it rubs on the skin.
Woven edge is also available on request.


Free Digital Proof: We are happy to provide you basic designing service free of charge. That means if you only have your logo or text ready, we can prepare the digital proof of your final label for your confirmation before the production. Furthermore, we can support you in terms of designing beyond such basic operator jobs with our professional design team.

Artwork Specifications: For the best and the quickest result, we need your artworks as an uncompressed vector image such as in Adobe® Illustrator (.ai) format. Besides, we can also use the following file formats: PDF, JPG, JPEG, TIFF. If you only have a JPG or JPEG file, please make sure that the artwork resolution is at least 300 dpi for the best result. If you are providing a final design of the label please allow for a margin of 0,4 cm around the edges for sewing if there is no edge folding or taffeta. Ensure that the size of the text in your design is at least 2 mm high. Hundreds of colors are available with different techniques. We are working with PANTONE® Textile Color System in terms of design and production but can match your system or desired color, too.


Woven labels are produced in weaving machines in a tape form. Therefore they need to be cut individually by thermic (heat) cutters, ultrasonic cutters or by means of laser. We are able to apply any state of the art finishing in our production. Alternatively, you can get your labels in a roll for self-application, too. Besides we can deliver your labels as iron-on ready or with advanced tailor-made finishing such as emboss or deboss.

  • Straight Cut: Straight cut is available by means of thermic (heat) cut or ultrasonic cut. Thermic (heat) cut is the best method to seal the yarn automatically to prevent fraying. But this method makes the polyester harder which causes scratching on soft skins. Therefore some customers choose their labels to be cut with an ultrasonic cutter for smooth edges and so they do not scratch when it rubs on the skin. Especially, for the woven labels made of satin we prefer this cutting method.
  • Laser Cut: These advanced techniques are used for labels with custom shape of your choice such as stars, triangles etc. Laser or die cuts can be made on the outer shape as well as inside the label.
  • Folded: We can delivery your labels ready folded individually. We have all folding techniques available; such as end-fold, loop-fold (center-fold), mitre-fold, manhattan-fold.
    • End Fold: Folded down on the left and right side to create a softer edge.
    • Center Fold: Folded in the middle and usually sewn into a seam.
    • Mitre Fold: The ends are folded under and up, creating a tab to be sewn into a seam.
    • Manhattan Fold: Folded in the middle and ends.
  • Emboss & Deboss: These finishing methods give your label an unique dimensional touch.
  • Iron-On Ready: If you wish we can deliver your labels ready for iron-on.
  • Roll: No finishing, mainly for DIY


All our woven labels are 100 % tailor-made for your artwork and the digital proof is included with every order free of charge as mentioned before. The price depends on the size, quantity and number of yarn colors. Please note that as quantity increases, price per-label decreases. Lower quantities can be a lot more expensive overtime. Furthermore, we can expedite your order for a surcharge. This will get your entire woven label production shipped out in 3 business days with no sampling. We are happy to assist you on the best price per-label ratio for your request.